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How your football club can save money on training this winter........

25th October 2011


One of the first football clubs to use the newly launched iLite from their base in the depths of Cornwall, reported back to ASI with their feedback - and the product has proved itself in many ways.

St Newlyn East FC chairman Mr Gary Thompson explains

"Cornwall is a small area containing a very large number of sports Clubs - especially football. The floodlit facilities that are available are few in number. For years we have had problems with booking our Winter training sessions. Each year is a constant battle with other Clubs, other sports and the facilities' own use, and we have never had a solution that satisfies our own Club's needs - until now!

Last season alone we paid £950 in floodlit training sessions - at a time that was inconvenient for many of our players, on a night that was impossible for others to attend, at a distance that many found unable to travel. Now with these lights we are able to hold our training whenever we wish - to vary the times to suit inclement weather conditions, midweek fixtures, player delays etc. We expect that in 2 years we will have had the full value of the 6 units back in the savings we will make compared against last seasons' costs.

They are so easy to put up - 3 people will put up 6 units in around 10 minutes - packing down is very similar. They illuminate the training area fantastically well and we have found that the neighbouring houses do not complain of light intrusion.
We are even plannning on making use of them as a money-earner for our Club. Small local events which go on into the evening will benefit from their use, and if we charge a reasonable rate for their hire we can help fund our Club throughout the year!
We have found that they are far better than we could have hoped, and are very impressed with the service provided thus far from the suppliers. As a Club we are confident that this has been a great step forward in our development and continued success"