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iLite - portable, inflatable floodlight

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Using the same patented unique rigid air technology as iGOAL the newly launched ILITE offers easy to use portable floodlighting. No wiring, generators, just carry the light in its bag to where you need it - or use the hand held lighting house as a torch to guide your way. The IP66 protected LED unit designed for greater durability and reliability, gives more light coverage than a 300W halogen floodlight whilst working off a re-chargeable low 12 volt system giving over 3 hours use from the fully charged battery. LEDs are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We recommend that you use a minimum of 4 (preferably 6) units to illuminate a 60m x40m mini soccer pitch.

iLite - inflatable, portable floodlight

Suitable for use by emergency services, construction industry and sports sector. Brilliant in every way!!

RRP £399.95

Conforms to Safety Standards:
EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-4
EN 62031
EN 62471
EN 55015
EN 61547
EN 60695

Light Engine: OSRAM HPML™ AD (LED)
Typical lumens: 2,400lm (stable lumen output under the operation of a re-chargeable battery)
Power: 40W
Beam Angle: 60〫x 60〫with high optical efficiency (>90% optical reflector efficiency and symmetric light distribution)
CCT: 6500K
Long Lifetime: >20,000 hours
IP Rating: IP66 (self-contained housing and heat sink; no extra protection required)

Total Weight: 12 kgs
Height Floor to top of light: 3.5 metres
Lightweight Housing Unit: Aluminium Heat Sink & Polycarbonate (PC) cover, Battery: 12v D/C 14 a/h dry lead acid

Pack Includes:

1 x HPML™ AD Ilite module (pictured)
1 x Inflatable stanchion (pictured)
1 x ILITE Carry Bag
1 x HPML™ AD Ilite module Protector Cover (Inflated Pocket)
1 x Pump and pump hose
1 x Battery Cable
1 x 14ah 12V Lead Acid Sealed Battery

1 x Battery Charger
1 x Universal Plug
1 x Battery Bag
3 x Ground Pegs
1 Set Guide Lines and Ground Pegs
3 x Sand Bags

Additional and replacements batteries are available from:

SCL Direct

iLite Metal

iLite - inflatable, portable floodlight

Fully extended stability and durability

  • Fully extending including LED - 3.5cm
  • Collapsed Size 80cm
  • Variable heights settings
  • Double securing systems (screws and pins)
  • Pre-treated steel
  • Osram 2400 Lumen LED light
  • Ground anchors, sand bags & guide lines
  • Bottom hooks to hold battery pack
  • Carrying case
  • Weight 12kg (including battery)