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Air Structures International have partnered with both the European Handball Federation and England Handball to introduce the sport in to the UK and widen playing across the rest of Europe.

In a nutshell England Handball jointly with funding from Sport England work to engage young people 14-25 in handball by providing iGoals for use within a structured setting in schools or the community.

The EHF will use the high quality inflatable goals for its development programmes for beach, mini and street handball across the 52 member countries. Bespoke goals are made in EHF colours of blue and yellow and will be available shortly.

  • Handball is the fastest team game in the world with a ball and therefore passing is an essential skill with the aim of scoring goals to win. Speed, skill and stamina are key attributes for competitors in modern Handball, an exhilarating team sport.
  • Played on a court measuring 40m x 20m, the largest court of any indoor ball sport at the games, Handball features two teams of seven players, passing and dribbling a small ball with their hands. The aim is to throw the ball into the opposition’s goal, which happens often; it’s not uncommon to see 50 goals in a single 60 minutes match.
  • In football, it’s a foul if you touch the ball with your hand. In Handball it’s a foul if you touch the ball with your foot (or anywhere below the knee). Played between two teams of seven, the sport is dominated by the most northerly European nations. Of the 60 gold silver and bronze medals awarded in men and women competitions, only eight have been won by countries outside of continental Europe.

Did you Know

iGoals are dual purpose? The 8x5 Home - 2400mm x 1600mm - iGoal will be used for Street and Mini Handball with Futsal - 3000mm x2000mm- (which is the regulation match size) for Beach Handball.

Did you Know

Do You want to boost fitness and tone your legs? – Try Handball – this seven a side game is kind of like football with your arms. Your thighs and bum get a great workout from all the running and jumping and the quick powerful throws help to sculpt strong triceps and biceps. Handball Burns 720 calories per hour!